I found that Simonette’s object was a symbol of heritage. Simonette’s object took the shape of a hand-sized plastic square. Thr plastic object was very tiny and could fit in the palm of my hand. The object was double sided and had an identical picture of a young boy on both sides. The object’s picture in the center was of a young boy dressed in red, green, yellow, white, and black. The colors appeared in stripes. The boy also had a hat on that appeared to be rather large. The hat also contained the same colors as the outfit the boy was wearing. In short, the foreground picture takes a play on the colors red, green, yellow, white, and black. The colors are sparsely scattered throughout the young boy’s outfit.

The background of the picture needs to be taken into account as well. While the background objects are not as dominant as the foreground, the background contains stars that are small and scattered above the young boys head. In the right-hand corner, you can also see a tiny red beach umbrella. The umbrella might allude to that main feature of the picture. 

The words “GuyanA” appear underlined above the main picture of the boy. Guyana is a country and this highlights the purpose of the picture. As the boy carries a flag in his hand, one might be able to infer that the picture is symbolism for patriotism.

While the plastic border and tiny frame hold the picture into place, this object is more than just plastic, this object is a tiny piece of art. 


The three questions I asked  Simonette where as follows-

  1. Where is your family/you from? She answered Guyana 
  2. What are the colors of the Guyanian flag? Red, yellow, green, white, and black.
  3. Have you ever gone back to Guyana? Yes, about two or maybe three years ago I went back.

In short, her answers to my questions highlighted and reaffirmed my suspicions of what the object was. While this object is obviously a tiny keychain, this practice really helped me in practicing the idea of thick description. This keychain is special because art is evident in it. The art also is a form of patriotism, which I find to be great! I suspected that is keychain represented some part of Simonette’s background but was pleased to find out more about Guyana. The fact that Guyana is in the Caribbean is what the little beach chair in the corner alludes to. Finding out about Guyana was possible through thick description observation and questioning Simonette. 

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