Response to: Haltman Introduction

I will admit when I first started reading the Haltman introduction I had little to no clue what was going on. However, I find the work to be a literary guild. This assertion led me to my next question; why? I almost feel that one could read this work backward and still be able to grasp the understanding of what a Prownian Analysis is. From “description, deduction, speculation, research, and finally interpretive analysis” (11) the reader is taken on a step by step walk of how to conduct quality observations and analysis. I started to wonder, why once again. Why is it vital to know how to conduct research on such a detailed level. While detail after detail may seem picky, it is essential that when conducting research that the research conductor not only provide bland results but quality evidence which shows passion throughout the research process. I found what I took away most was that “words do not analyze objects, we analyze our descriptions of objects”. The statement was profound in the sense that it summaries to me what the NAMES research project is all about. AIDS and HIV are more than just stereotypes and passive vague evidence, it is about stories that have depth and our research must reflect that. I now feel more confident in what my research will turn out like. 

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