Response: 50 Years Ago in Photos; A Look Back at 1968

The work analyzed this week was a photo essay titled 50 Years Ago in Photos; A Look Back at 1968. While the title of the essay is almost self-explanatory¬†what each individual takes away from the year1968 is different. From the Civil Rights Movement to the beginning of what would become the Cold War; from hunger, famine, to war and death, and triumph in Olympic arenas-1968 was a story of chaos and change. From “riots” (#kbaker) after Dr. King’s death to “beautiful scenery” (#mvolmar) from the moon, it is undeniable that 1968 was full of change but also discovery. Change in this period stems from war, regime changes, civil rights, and the Olympics which brought people from all walks of life together. However, while the change was occurring we as a people were inherently discovering who we were and where we as a nation and a world would be heading. 1968 was violent and many times it seems we forget the lives lost in the civil rights movement. I find the author of the photo essay did an exceptional job at illustrating that we here at home in the U.S. were in the midst of change ourselves. The author showed me that change is not easy and that change is the pain but in the midst of 1968 we can reflect today on how far the change has brought us and see through photography the stories of others.¬†

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