PSD Activity 2


The painting is a women against a black background. The women appear in the foreground. She is pale with a round face. She has her head tilted towards the right. Her lips are red and slightly spread apart. Her eyes are a dark black which contrast with her olive pale skin. The light hits her face and illuminates one side of her face while the other side is covered in shadow. However, in the midst of the shadow you can see a trickle of a silver ear ring. The ear ring is not fully visible but can be seen as the light strikes it. The ear ring illuminates the picture. She is clothes in a shawl with a blue head base and a yellow train. At the end of her shawls train the yellow  and blue mix together, forming an almost night sky moon color. Her top has a white color and is brown. 



Where is she looking? 

Is she standing or sitting? 

Is her top a rob or a dress? 

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