PSD 1: First Contact

David Feinberg

Description and response: 

Panel 5210 has a very minimalist aesthetic. The background resembles a sheet of white notebook paper. With four lines, two pink margins on the left side, and one big piece of white material where David’s name goes; it was not a mystery that the background was resembling a piece of classic notebook paper. The panel did not have any specific borders which lead me to believe that the paper itself was almost a border for the panel. The background is made up of pure white cloth that is soft yet texturized to the touch. The panel is minimal but has a lot of significance. The word writer appears on the left and is written vertically. With the “w” and the “r” bring places in the top left-hand margin and the other letters dictating the other four lines, with each letter on a sperate line. The name “David Feinberg” is in grand capital black letters. His name is the centerpiece of the panel. Below his name is the phrases “eighty-sixed” and “spontaneous combustion”. Those phrases also appear in black but almost in a lesser shade of black than the name itself. Finally, we reach the red “A+” in the top right-hand margin. This is the only bold color on the panel. However, the A+ is significant because the red almost looks like a marker type print. The red is slightly smeared compared to the definite black color.

Going forward, I want to explore measurements of the panel and start writing my own in-depth descriptions. Roddy said that my panel does not have any letters to go along with it, but I find the minimalist nature of my panel to be significant and enjoyable. The mystery and room to think critically are going to play into my strong suit moving forward.

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