Primary Research Post

In class, we have been going over the primary and secondary sources that we will be using to conduct our research. 

The primary source we will be using is the panel itself. The panel will be used to help us conduct our primary source description. The description is going to be an in-depth analysis of what the panel represents, a description of the art method used in the panel, and the in-depth details of the life of the person and what we can draw from the panel about that person. The panel is the primary source in the sense that it was constructed first hand by people who knew Mr. Feinberg. 

I see the secondary sources as all of the other materials we are using to help us in our research endeavors. While the panel itself has a lot to discover, we also must utilize resources from places such as the GSU archives. In the archives, we can find materials such as information on HIV/AIDS, works of art from specific time periods, and many other bits and pieces that will help me understand the time period in which Mr. Feinberg lived. I find the setting of the life of Mr. Feinberg’s life to be imperative to my research. 

As time has progressed so have the ideals in which America holds. The evolution of the way we combat and treat HIV/AIDS has evolved over time. My secondary research is going to focus on literature during the 70’s and I will seek to find hints as to how attitudes and narratives were constructed concerning HIV during that time.