Make Something Project

My creation is titled “Man at the Paino Bar”. In class, we were given a bag of objects and told to make something out of what seemingly was nothing but random mini objects. However, the tiny objects all added up and with that came the opportunity to create something big out of little. From a background of paper made of a pamphlet, we decided that we could create a stick human out of the objects given. It was telling that with little googly eyes given, my first instinct was to make a human-like figure. I found that I did not want to see what other students had because I wanted to independently create something no matter what material I was given. 

I did not use objects such as the clip, and a needle. I found that once I was able to use the erasers for arms, the little plastic stick for a body, and the button and googly eyes to create a face that my creation of a human figure was set! 

In short, this project really helped me learn how to communicate an idea or description with an observer in a clear and concise way. The skill of being clear and concise is relevant to being able to articulate ideas in academic writing, which is central to our research endeavors. 

Man at the Piano Bar