Greeting! My name is Samuel Pittman and I am currently a first-year student at Georgia State University. I am majoring in Philosophy with a Pre-Law concentration. I love to read, write, and analyze artwork and poetry.

This semester in English 1102 we are studying the NAMES Project. The NAMES project is home to the AIDS Quilt. The quilt commemorates and honors the lives of victims of AIDS. Each panel on a block of quilt represents one life. No two panels are the same. From vibrant colors to minimalist artwork; each panel illustrates the life of a person and honors their legacy.

I have chosen to study the panel of David Feinberg.  While I am still in the primary stages of the investigation, it is no surprise that Mr. Feinburg’s panel has a plethora of detail. Each line of the quilt, each color, and each letter represents significance. While his panel is simple and clean, it opens the door to investigating an putting together the pieces of his legacy. I was most drawn to the panel because of the word “W R I T E R” which was on the left side of the panel. As a student who is an avid writer, I was intrigued by the mere idea that Mr. Feinburg could have been a writer.

I hope to investigate the details of minimal artwork and show how sometimes less, is more. I hope this website can illustrate my insight and dedication to honoring Mr. Feinberg’s legacy.